My piece for the Clockwork Ballroom Challenge

It’s called “Can we keep it?”


“Dragon Kitteh is in your Treasure Chest…earning you XP.”

The candles were fun to do, I actually drew them from a real candle!



2nd Pass DA3 Morrigan Concepts: Arcane Warrior

I’ve been listening to Lacrimosa Dominae a lot while I’m doing this.

I have an image of Morrigan in my head in battle with dead Templars and burning Templar banners with the shadowy figure of her son looming in the background with the words; “The Circle shall be broken!”

…anyway. Some more polished concepts. I always liked the Arcane Warrior sub class for Morrigan, so I’ve drawn her here as that, including the Spellweaver sword.

1st one is a polished version of the initial concept, 2nd is a more Celtic interpretation, an homage to the folklore Morrigan…& I like drawing Celtic scrollwork. The 3rd is a more extreme Arcane Warrior with extra amour down her right side.

Not sure which one I am actually going to make yet.

I shall have to solicit opinions from some friends.

1st Pass DA3 Morrigan Concepts

1st Pass DA 3 Morrigan Concepts

So I grabbed some DA Concept art and s0me screen abs from the game &  here are the 1st lot of ideas These are just quick scribbles.

The 1st one is doesn’t do much just warming up really.

The 2nd is Morrigan as an older more mature Sorceress. Morrigan’s
outfit in DA is quite revealing, she doesn’t mind showing off her décolletage,
halfway between ingénue and arch manipulator of men, she’s also very scrappy, wearing
the rags of a Witch of the Wilds. This is meant to be bit more sedate and

Question: Does Morrigan wear what she does for effect or because
she isn’t especially socialised? Is it designed to mark her out as a witch of
the wilds, is it because she thinks it makes her look attractive, she does like
jewellery after all, or does she just not care?

The 3rd concept is based on the adopted mother Flemeth
in DA2. Flemeth’s appearance in DA2 changes significantly from her appearance in
DA she went from crazy old woman to Mage Empress of the World. Is Morrigan
destined to become just like Flemeth no matter how hard she rails against it. I
like the new Flemeth, I think it’s an excellent character design, it’s also
good to see a more mature woman in done with some care in a Video Game. I like
the hair horns too, like the Qunari horns and the Archdemon ones…what’s that about

The 4th concept, well some people don’t want to end up
being their mother. Maybe Morrian’s rebellion and her giving birth to a God
means she calms down, stops with all the haughty witch act, relaxes and is just
happy to have an outfit that isn’t covered in baby food and sour milk?

5; Malificar Sucubbus…OK off on a tangent there, pixelate out…bit

Finally I grabbed some of the bits I liked from the other ones and
combined them. Quite happy with this. I’ll work it up some more.