Art Academy: Atelier

“Art Academy: Atelier” has a launch date! The latest and certainly the most ambitious of the Art Academy games will be out on the Wii U on the 26th of June. It was a long time coming but there have been a lot of very talented people working on the game both at Headstrong and Nintendo and I think we have made something very special.


Looking forward, as ever, to see the artwork that all the people who use it come up with.



Some of pitches I’ve been working in the last year have just been announced by the company I work for Headstrong Games.

Seeker a Sci-Fi ARPG…

Sno a 3rd person adventure game set in an icy world where you clear away the snow to usher in spring…


…& Pop-Up Tales a word swapping puzzle adventure set in a Pop-Up Book world.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to grips with Unity.

Art Academy Sketchpad

The latest game I’ve worked on at Headstrong for Nintendo is out: Art Academy Sketchpad.

There’s already lots of people using it, and they’re doing so impressive work. If you’re not part of the Miiverse you can see some of the art people are making with it here;

New Art Academy

The game I’ve been working on at Headstrong for the last year and a bit, has finally been anounced by Nintendo.

It’s been a great project to be involved in and I think the team at Headstong & Nintendo have managed to produce something quite special. I’m looking forward to the release next month and seeing what people make of all the new features and lessons.

On Holiday

I’ve been forced to take 2 weeks off work! There’s some new European Law that means I can only carry over 10 days holiday past the end of the year.

I’m got a plan though. I have a new laptop so I can use the internet from home now. I have a PC for working but I decided not to have the internet on that, far too distracting.

One of the things that I have planned to do is start a Blog.

I’m a Lead Artist in the Games Industry but I don’t get to do all that much art at work. I do spend some of my spare time doing illustrations and concept art but it’s normally for ideas and pitches at work.

I can’t post any of that on the internet though, it all terribly secret, shhhhh. So I’m going to do some other things and hopefully post them here.

I’ll just have to see how it goes….