Some of pitches I’ve been working in the last year have just been announced by the company I work for Headstrong Games.

Seeker a Sci-Fi ARPG…

Sno a 3rd person adventure game set in an icy world where you clear away the snow to usher in spring…


…& Pop-Up Tales a word swapping puzzle adventure set in a Pop-Up Book world.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to grips with Unity.



My piece for the Clockwork Ballroom Challenge

It’s called “Can we keep it?”


“Dragon Kitteh is in your Treasure Chest…earning you XP.”

The candles were fun to do, I actually drew them from a real candle!


Out of Time!

Well I’m off back to work tomorrow. I’m not massively happy with the character, there’s still lots of things I know could be better and it’s certainly not hitting the level of quality I was aiming for.

I’m not sure if I should spend some time finishing it off or start on a new character. I’ve learned so much in the last week I think I’ll probably start again on something new.


The Celtic version wins.

It has occurred to me that it looks like Matador outfit but hey Morrigan’s after the Chantry, the Chantry are essentially the Catholic Church, the Pope issues Papal Bulls so why can’t Morrigan look like a Bull Fighter…ha!

I’m aiming for 20,000 triangles, with 20482 diffuse, specular, normal map and opacity, I’m not going to mirror anything so the UV’s will all be unique. I may end up doing 2 x 2048’s that may seem a bit wasteful but I’ll see how the unwrapping goes.

I’m a bit worried about getting the model’s face to actually look like Morrigan, that’s going to be the most difficult part. Anyway on with the fun!