New Adventures!

I’ve got a new job! I started today as the Art Director at Payload Studios on TerraTech.

If you want to take a look at it, there’s a Demo and an Early Access version of the game on Steam already.

I’ve never worked on a game that’s already playable, should be fun! 😉


“Dynamic Storytelling” at the London Book Fair

I did a talk this week at the London Book Fair about Dynamic Storytelling.



Homeric epithets, Beowulf, Mummers Plays, Pantomime, the advent of mass media, D&D, text adventures, Bioware’s RPG’s, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, non-linear branching hierarchy’s, Benedict Cumberbatch photo bombing himself, Turing Tests, postulating a virtual Homer and Pop-Up Tales!

Lots of fun and there were more people at the end of the talk than there were at the beginning, which was unexpected 😉

Even got Tweeted about by the London Book Fair!




Some of pitches I’ve been working in the last year have just been announced by the company I work for Headstrong Games.

Seeker a Sci-Fi ARPG…

Sno a 3rd person adventure game set in an icy world where you clear away the snow to usher in spring…


…& Pop-Up Tales a word swapping puzzle adventure set in a Pop-Up Book world.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to grips with Unity.

Art Academy Sketchpad

The latest game I’ve worked on at Headstrong for Nintendo is out: Art Academy Sketchpad.

There’s already lots of people using it, and they’re doing so impressive work. If you’re not part of the Miiverse you can see some of the art people are making with it here;