Art Academy: Atelier

“Art Academy: Atelier” has a launch date! The latest and certainly the most ambitious of the Art Academy games will be out on the Wii U on the 26th of June. It was a long time coming but there have been a lot of very talented people working on the game both at Headstrong and Nintendo and I think we have made something very special.


Looking forward, as ever, to see the artwork that all the people who use it come up with.


Art Academy Sketchpad

The latest game I’ve worked on at Headstrong for Nintendo is out: Art Academy Sketchpad.

There’s already lots of people using it, and they’re doing so impressive work. If you’re not part of the Miiverse you can see some of the art people are making with it here;

Gratuitous Nudity!

I was taking to a friend, last week and he suggested that I should do some “metal bikini” drawings, we’d had a bit to drink. I instantly dismissed the idea but on Friday I had yet another conversation about how I was too highbrow for the Games Industry.

So, here’s some gratuitous nudity to prove I can do lowbrow!

It’s called “Pallas; Dénouement.”