Jason Howard: Video Games Art Director

I work in London for Payload Studios as their Art Director on their game TerraTech.

I’ve been making games since ’96, and before Payload I worked for Headstrong Games, Hothouse Creations, Asylum Entertainment, Argonaut & Acclaim on games such as the Art Academy series, Aragorn’s Quest, Gangsters, Gangsters 2 & the infamous Catwoman.

I come from a Fine Art Background and discovered computers quite late in life, I took to them quite quickly though, they are a lot less messy and far less elitist than Oil Painting. I still like to draw though and I’ve even done some paintings in the last few years for Art in Industry which is organised by my friend and occasional co worker Brynley Gibson, read his Coffee Blog Damn Fine Joe. My flatmate Chris Farrell an old friend from my Degree is still managing make a living from Painting though, we like to watch Art Documentaries and shout at the TV together.

Professionally I’m a generalist; modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation, rendering, concept art, design, web development, video editing, compositing, art direction, scripting, writing and so on. If there is any task required to make a video game that doesn’t involve compiling code then I’ve probably done it.

I’ve been working in London, for 9 years now. The first time didn’t work out so well but I’ve got the hang of it now. I love working in games, they are a great bunch of people, Game developers are a very special breed, artisan engineers, it’s a joy to work with them, if only we had a bit more time and bit more budget 😉


One response to “Jason Howard: Video Games Art Director

  1. Dear Mr. Howard,

    I’m a gamedesign student from germany and was wondering if Headstrong Games are offering internships?

    The thing is, we have to do an internship semester and while I was researching companies I stumbled upon Headstrong – and yeah I would consider Headstrong a company I’d love to work at!

    I hope I’m not bothering you too much with this, but thank you in advance for your time!

    With kind regards,

    Linda Treffler

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