Out of Time!

Well I’m off back to work tomorrow. I’m not massively happy with the character, there’s still lots of things I know could be better and it’s certainly not hitting the level of quality I was aiming for.

I’m not sure if I should spend some time finishing it off or start on a new character. I’ve learned so much in the last week I think I’ll probably start again on something new.


Only 2 days left…

I’ve finished making the Normal maps now, there’s a few things I’d like to tidy up if there’s time, the hair mainly but I’ve moved onto the texturing now.

I’ve been having a hard time getting the character to look OK using simple DX shaders, I’m almost tempted to download UDK and set up the shaders in there but that’s probably going to take some time.

There’s still a lot of polishing to do. The mapping on the skirt is wrong so the pattern isn’t showing up properly at the moment, and there is a lot of detail missing. Unfortunately my computer’s refusing to use 4096 square textures so I’m using a single 2048 so the Normal Map resolution isn’t what I expected it to be, though a 4096 is pretty big so I’m not too bothered.

Still a lot of things to do…and I’m off out this evening and Saturday night too.

I could spend a day tweaking the head alone 8). Just have to see where I am by Sunday evening.


Well this is fun. Monday was full of lots of false starts. I did remember how I was using Z Brush but I learned lots of new ways of doing things on Monday.

Masks are very useful in Z Brush as it turns out…

I haven’t got very far with it yet. Though after a major success with the Skirt I started on the Head and Shoulders this morning. The face doesn’t really look like Morrigan but I’ll sort that out after everything else is done. Drawing Celtic scroll work is more fun than sculpting it, though maybe I just haven’t gotten used to the interface yet!

More Z Brush action tomorrow. I’m hoping to get it finished by the end of tomorrow so I can get on with the texturing. Time is running out…only 5 days holiday left.


Finally finished the Model.

I’ve put some flat color on it just to get a feel for how it looks and I quickly mapped a screen grab of Morrian’s face onto the model to check it works before I start Z-Brushing. I’m quite happy with it so far.

20,889 triangles in the end, though there’s a few to cull underneath the gloves and red sash and some more to loose once I’ve done some AO renders.

I may have an OCD fit and get it down to exactly 20,000 just for a laugh.

Going to watch Signs now on i player…unless it get’s too scary!

Taking longer than I thought…

Well the model isn’t finished yet but it’s going quite well. Still got the hair and the little details to do yet.
…I really am enjoying it though. I’d forgotten how time seems to fly by when I’m making things. 1.30 in the morning h0w did that happen, eh?
Should get the model finished and have the unwrapping sorted out by the end of the weekend so it’ll be Z-Brush time on Monday.
I hope I can remember how Z-Brush works!


The Celtic version wins.

It has occurred to me that it looks like Matador outfit but hey Morrigan’s after the Chantry, the Chantry are essentially the Catholic Church, the Pope issues Papal Bulls so why can’t Morrigan look like a Bull Fighter…ha!

I’m aiming for 20,000 triangles, with 20482 diffuse, specular, normal map and opacity, I’m not going to mirror anything so the UV’s will all be unique. I may end up doing 2 x 2048’s that may seem a bit wasteful but I’ll see how the unwrapping goes.

I’m a bit worried about getting the model’s face to actually look like Morrigan, that’s going to be the most difficult part. Anyway on with the fun!

2nd Pass DA3 Morrigan Concepts: Arcane Warrior

I’ve been listening to Lacrimosa Dominae a lot while I’m doing this.


I have an image of Morrigan in my head in battle with dead Templars and burning Templar banners with the shadowy figure of her son looming in the background with the words; “The Circle shall be broken!”

…anyway. Some more polished concepts. I always liked the Arcane Warrior sub class for Morrigan, so I’ve drawn her here as that, including the Spellweaver sword.

1st one is a polished version of the initial concept, 2nd is a more Celtic interpretation, an homage to the folklore Morrigan…& I like drawing Celtic scrollwork. The 3rd is a more extreme Arcane Warrior with extra amour down her right side.

Not sure which one I am actually going to make yet.

I shall have to solicit opinions from some friends.